New MIC Minister Takes Office

Minister Yoo Young-hwan pledges to keep Korea as IT powerhouse

Minister Yoo Young-hwan of the Ministry of Information and Communication, in his inaugural speech at a ceremony held at the ministry's conference room Sept. 4, said he feels a heavy responsibility taking charge of the MIC during the final year of the Participatory government of President Roh Moo-hyun.
The former vice MIC minister said he will focus on wrapping up various unfinished tasks which have been promoted by the ministry so far and turn over new agenda for IT development to the next government.
He pledged also that the three principles that he has always practiced as a public servant will be continued to be maintained without a hitch during his term of office, which are all government policies should be on the side of boosting the interest of people and the selection rights of consumers and making contribution to the development of the IT industry. He will also do his utmost to mediate conflicts of interest among parties concerned in the IT industry and the government ministries.
The new MIC minister pointed out a number of tasks that should be taken care of during the remainder of the current government for the ministry. He said the MIC should take care of the converging trends in the broadcasting and communication sectors; the completion of the road map for the communication regulations; the commercial use of the IT839 service; A strong effort to subdue reactionary effects against the informatization; and improved postal service.
Minister Yoo told employees of the ministry not to put off the work and try to stand in line to make connections as it will destroy harmony and divide them up in groups, which is not good for their future with the ministry. He said he would like to ask every one with the ministry to be strictly responsible for his area of responsibility and his manners both in and outside the office.
He thanks every one for support in making him the minister and said he would do his best to take charge of his duty for the country and its people, taking advantage of his 30 years of public life experience. He said we at the MIC has accomplished a lot including the 'IT839'strategy, DMB, Wibro and other third generation service and most of all, achieving $10 billion in IT exports annually, opening a new age for the industry as a main stay of the nation's industry. We steadily raised the standard for the quality of the informatization of the country so much so that the IT has become part of the people's infrastructure in their daily lives based on our top IT infrastructure. In the process, it made Korea a strong IT country in the world, he said.
But, he said, there are many things yet to be done in the IT sector. He said they have to develop a new communication market, integrate the broadcasting and communication authorities and introduce IPTV as early as possible. We also have to find future growth engines for the IT industry and reduce the amount of side effects for informatization as steadily as possible, all of them key national tasks.
These are tough challenges for us, but also opportunities for our jump to upgrade the industry a step up in the stages of development. All policies should be drawn up in line with principles and promoted not hindered interests, only for the sake of the people in basics and principles.
The new minister said he will devote most of his time on coping with the trends for integration of broadcasting and communication. He will try to have the bill for the establishment of broadcasting and communication committee approved at the National Assembly as early as possible, along with streamlining laws and regulations on the introduction of fusion services like IPTV. He will also see that a special law legislated for digital TV. He will draw up a road map for the revision of regulations for communication to the effect that competition in the industry will stiffen and to benefit consumers with communication charges depend on market and strengthening of regulations to protect consumers.
He said the IT industry is the growth engine to make per capita income to reach $30,000, pledging his commitment to making IT839 strategy lead the way to its commercial service and set up its market. He said he will expand international cooperation in IT by exporting the IT service model to foreign countries under government support. nw

(photo above) New MIC Minister Yoo Young-hwan delivers a speech at his inaugural ceremony at the MIC conference room Sept. 4.
(photo right) New MIC Minister Yoo Young-hwan.

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