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Hyundai, Kia make flash show of its latest car models at motor show in Germany: Chairman Chung uses his worldwide connection to help bring 2012 Expo to Yosu

Both Hyundai Motor and its sister automaker Kia Motors zeroed in on the Frankfurt Motor Show that took place in Frankfurt, Germany, Sept.13-23 to show off their latest car models in the largest motor show on earth in terms of the latest auto technology.
The motor show in its 62nd year this year was held under the theme of 'blue'to stress environment-friendliness as the word symbolizes clean water and air. Both Korean car makers lost no time in putting under spotlight their latest car models; Hyundai its iBlue'brand new model along with i30 sedan and i30 wagon and Kia its C'eed, and C'eed wagon, the two Korean auto makers European models to join up with the competition for environment-friendly auto technology development.
Hyundai Motor's display room some 2,082 sq. meters large at the motor show attracted large number of customers to view the motor company's first hydrogen battery- powered sedan, the fourth car model developed by its auto research institute in Japan and displayed for the first time in the world.
The new sedan model has a hydrogen tank for 115 liters of hydrogen and it can run 600 km with a charge. The largest auto maker in Korea also brought to the motor show its i30 and i30 wagon models, and for the first time put on show its small coupe type concept car Belloster.
Kia Motors displayed its hybrid car model Eco C'eed which is to be mass produced at its Czech plant from December. The motor company also put on show its new sports coupe concept car designed for the first time by Peter Schreier, vice president in charge of designing, since his move to the auto company early this year. The new concept model has shown the shape of Kia's future car models. The auto company put on show a full line of its new car models such as C'eed wagon, ProC'eed, and sister car models to C'eed.
Global car makers didn't want to lose chances to show off their latest models of sedans, aimed mostly at European car market. Most of their car models showed characteristics of environment friendly designs.
The Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group is about to kick-off its global operations now that its chairman Chung Mong-koo got a probation term from the appellate court in the ruling of his appeal suit against the 3-year jail-term sentence meted out in the lower court.
Chairman Chung is going to pick off where he left off in the global operation of the group now that he has gotten off with light terms. The prosecution brought charges against him that he stole money from the affiliates of the group and kept secret funds.
The chairman is likely to get busy just after the Chusok holiday Sept. 24-26 to check on the group's overseas operations. Both Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors have been losing sales in their traditional markets such as China and Russia, requiring new marketing strategies to get out of the hole.
The chairman should make some important decisions in the construction of various auto plants around the world including Georgia of the United States, Czech plant, auto plants in India and China which are in the process of being built.
A Hyundai Motor official said the auto company has been unable to move on with some of its crucial plans on its future profitability and the company needs to move with them as soon as possible.
Chairman Chung as usual is likely to push on with the plans to recover the power of the auto companies growth pace around the world.
The chairman aims at focusing on the quality of cars from now since the company's quantitative plans to hike the car production have been met. Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors are poised to turn out 4.27 million cars from their plants at home and abroad this year. The two auto makers produced 3.05 million cars in 2003 and it jumped to 3.72 million in 2005. The feat was possible due to "speed management of Hyundai"spearheaded by the chairman. The group's auto sales are projected to reach 106 trillion won this year from 93 trillion won last year and 85 trillion won in 2005.
The automotive group is faced with a new challenge ahead as it moves forward to be among the five largest auto makers in the world closing the gap with leading auto makers such as Toyota and continue to keep the distance with later starters such as car makers in China and else where. The group opened its Alabama plant realizing its dream to produce U.S.-made cars in 2005 as part of its globalization plan. The group projects to turn out 6 million cars by 2009. Kia Motors has car plants in Europe and China, in addition to Georgia in the U.S. Hyundai Motor is about to complete its car plant in Europe.
In the meantime, Chairman Chung Mong-koo, who is the honorary chairman of the 2012 Yosu Expo Bid Committee has become an honorary citizen of Yosu City in a ceremony held at Yosu City Hall Sept. 11. The port city presented him with a plaque as the certificate of his Yosu citizenship. The city said it made Chairman Chung an honorary citizen in recognition of his devotion to bring the 2012 expo to the city. Attending the ceremony included some 600 city officials led by Mayor Oh Hyun-sup,
Chairman Chung Jeong-min of the Yosu City Council and Chairman Kim Jong-chul of the South Jeolla Province Council.
Chairman Chung is known for his diligence which he acquired when he was with Hyundai Mobis. During an interview marking the 30th anniversary of the auto parts maker earlier this year, he said he learned most of his management know-how when he was with Mobis where he visited the worksites all the time and paid close attention to the quality of the products.
He often travels overseas to visit the auto plants operated by either Hyundai and Kia as part of the jopsite management he learned while with Mobis, he said. He said the art of management he practices is made of the jobsite checks, and solving problems at jobsites and confirming the solution at jobsites. This makes him the top manager who checks jobsites most often in the business circles. He rather would go to jobsites than sitting in the chair at his office.
Last year, he visited the group's overseas plants on 7 different occasions and this year, he has already toured 5 foreign countries including India, Brazil, Slovakia, Turkey and Czech Republic. He often visits affiliate companies without warning, surprising the affiliate management.
Chairman Chung was strong on quality ever since he took over Hyundai Motor as its CEO. Now he pays much attention to global management now that the quality of cars made by both Hyundai and Kia match those of its rivals. He often visits overseas subsidiaries to inspect production and marketing plans at those subsidiaries and encourage officers and staff.
His frequent overseas trips often have the benefited the civilian diplomacy for the country because he often meets with opinion leaders of the countries he visits with the result of spurring economic exchanges on a private level.
He visited Eastern Europe and Latin America to help bring the 2012 Expo to Yosu. He became the honorary chairman of the 2012 Yosu Expo Bid Committee.
On Sept. 14, Chairman Chung hosted a breakfast meeting at Shilla Hotel in downtown Seoul for some 50 leaders participating in the Yosu international Symposium including Vincente Gonzalez Loscertales, secretary-general of the BIE, Dr. Alvin Toffler and Nobel peace prize winner Muhamad Younus.
He said at the gathering that the Yosu export will be able to find means to solve environmental problems in his assertion why the 2012 expo should be held in Yosu. The theme of the Yosu Expo is "living sea, and breathing coasts,"to focus on the need to hold Expo in Yosu. Just about all the countries are effected by environmental problems and the successful Yosu Expo will be an opportunity for those countries to develop their economies and protect mankind from environmental problems, urging all countries to help the Yosu Expo to benefit all mankind through their governments. Chairman Chung attended the luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Han Duck-soo on Feb. 12 and the luncheon hosted by President Roh Moo-hyun at Chong Wa Dae on Sept. 13 for BIE officials and other invited guests to the Yosu International Forum.
He often met with former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, which led his auto company to set up plants in Beijing and other cities in China. In 2003, he became an honorary citizen of Beijing. Former U.S. President George Bush was invited to the opening of Hyundai Motor Alabama plant in 2005.
Chairman Chung continued to attend to his private diplomacy this year also. He invited Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Pico to the ground-breaking ceremony for Hyundai Motor car plant in Slovakia and discussed economic exchange with Korea with him. nw


Hyundai Motor's i30 CW on show at Frankfurt Motor Show.
(photo right) Chairman Chung Mong-koo of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.


Hyundai Motor''iblue'sedan being displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show.

Kia Motors introduces its new sedan,'Kee'at the Frankfurt Motor Show Sept.11-23 in Frankfurt, Germany. Hyundai Motor debuted its i30 sedan series at the world-renowned motor show.

Chairman Chung Mong-koo of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group,shakes hands with BIE secretary-general Vincente Gonzales Loscertales at a breakfast meeting at Hotel Shilla downtown Seoul Sept.14. Chung is the honorary chairman of the 2012 Yosu Expo Bid Committee.

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