Strategies on Korean Wave

Popularity of Korean cultural products overseas to be pushed further to expand

Overseas marketing campaigns designed to increase exports of "Korean Wave"cultural products will be pushed harder, said Culture-Tourism Minister Kim Myung-gon Aug. 2.
Minister Kim, at a seminar held at Jeju Shilla Hotel organized by the Hyundai Management Academy, said the effects from exports of Korean Wave products are great in terms of helping growth of the economy and upgrading national image, but it has been faced with anti-Korean wave and hate Korean wave sentiments in some countries.
In order to overcome the problem, he said, cultural exchange has to be a two-way deal through the creation of joint cultural products with other countries and strengthen the intelligent property rights for Korean overseas cultural products. He said Korean wave has become a symbol for showing the magnitude of the Korean culture, which has grown so big without us being aware of it.
"We have to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the growth of Korean wave to make it
appreciated by the world and enjoy it and also make the Korean culture a new growth engine so that Korea can become an advanced country as a culturally strong country.
The minister also listed a number of overseas marketing programs to spur exports of Korean Wave products including a large international event, and the operation of exhibition booths at important overseas product sampling events to promote Korean products jointly with foreign companies. He also said the Korea Centers located in key strategic cities in foreign countries will be expanded through the establishment of 8 more such facilities around the country.
The minister also promised that the cultural exchange with third world countries would be expanded. nw



Minister of Culture and Tourism Kim Myung-gon


The Korean government is striving to promote the Korean Wave in the Asian region, riding on the popularity of Korean popular singers and TV talents and the nation's breath-taking tourist attractions.

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