'Next Step
in Digital Renaissance'

Samsung Electronics unveils an innovative array of AV and mobile products at IFA 2006

Samsung Electronics President Choi Gee-sung delivered the opening keynote address on at IFA 2006, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, in Berlin, Germany on Sept. 1. The speech, entitled "The Next Step in the Digital Renaissance "Creating Rich Digital Experiences,"comes at a time when Samsung is experiencing strong growth worldwide, with particular success in the European market.
During his keynote speech at IFA in 2003, Choi predicted the strong growth of the consumer electronics industry, which he called "The Digital Renaissance."During this year's keynote address, he reviewed developments coming from the digital transition that are opening up many exciting new opportunities.
Choi highlighted Samsung's strong leadership position in innovative products designed for home and mobile entertainment. These products included high-definition TVs, blu-ray disc players, home theatre systems, MP3 players and cutting-edge mobile TVs. He also described the importance that Samsung places on the European market,
with major investments in manufacturing, logistics, R&D and design facilities.
Together with some exciting new product announcements, he also discussed the next step in the development of the consumer electronics industry - the era of "Rich Digital Experiences."High definition content, captivating design, and new product interactions define the new consumer experiences in this stage of the Digital Renaissance. Samsung is poised to deliver rich digital experiences for a wide variety of content and services through its broad portfolio of digital media products. Finally, Choi shared Samsung's view of the future consumer electronics market and how customers and industry can benefit from the exciting changes ahead.
In addition to delivering the opening keynote speech, Samsung Electronics once again took centre stage at IFA as it unveils an innovative array of AV and mobile products.
In the IFA 2006, Samsung Electronics showcased cutting edge products at the heart of both Home Entertainment and Mobile Entertainment. These innovative products included full HD 1080p LCD TVs, the first Blu-ray disc player for the European Market, a wide variety of products for mobile TV and an entirely new concept MP3 player.
The company also organized an LCD panel display showroom measuring over 264 square meters to unveil 70 full-high-definition LCD panels, 82 digital information displays (DIDs) and other cutting-edge products. The exhibit underscored Samsung's position as the world's foremost display makers.
Samsung is also emphasizing its leadership in product design with the first ever display of European lifestyle concepts at an electronics show. This interior display has been produced together with leading furniture companies such as Fritz Hansen of Denmark and lighting companies like Louis Polson. Based on four different European interior concepts, including Scandinavian and Mediterranean, this display is showing how the latest digital products can fit harmoniously in any European home design.
Choi said, "By displaying Samsung's products matched to European furniture and interiors, customers can really feel the experience of the newest designs of digital products. Samsung will continue to focus on technology innovation and cutting-edge design to enhance consumers'digital experiences."At IFA 2006, visitors saw and experienced an extensive portfolio of products for Home Entertainment and Mobile Entertainment. Highlights include:
Widely recognized for its excellence in digital technology, Samsung products were honored by five EISA awards: Video Innovation (LCD TV with LED Backlight), HT system (HT-XQ100), Mediabook PC (Samsung Q1), Mini printer (SPP-2040B) and Compact digital camera (NV-10). All of Samsung's EISA award winning products will be on display in the Samsung booth (Hall 20). nw


Samsung Electronics President Choi Gee-sung

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