World's First 4G Mobile Technology

The futuristic technology was demonstrated during the Samsung 4G Forum 2006

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will likely release fourth Generation (4G) mobile phones in 2008 following the development of the 4G handover technology, Lee Ki-tae, president of Samsung Electronics Telecommunications Network Business, said on Aug. 31.
Samsung President Lee made the remark during a meeting with reporters after the company demonstrated 4th Generation (4G) mobile technology at the annual Samsung 4G Forum on Jeju Island for the first time in the world. Lee said his company would expand investments in securing the patents related to 4G technologies and release 4G mobile phones around 2008. He called on domestic handset manufacturers and other businesses to join forces in the commercialization of 4G services slated for 2010.
A demonstration took place in a specially designed bus in mobile circumstances reaching 100 Mbps data transmission as well as at the display area inside the forum venue to show speeds of 1Gbps of data transmission.
The demonstration gave participants a first-hand experience of this latest technology. A demonstration bus moved at speeds of 60 km/h to show multi-cell Handover with data speed of 100Mbps. A live broadcast of the forum, VOD, and Internet access was shown simultaneously in the bus allowing delegates to experience the stability and speed of 4G connectivity of 100Mbps data speed.
Handover refers to the process of transferring an ongoing call or data session from one channel connected to the core network to another.
1 Gbps data speed under nomadic circumstances is 50 times faster than current Mobile WiMAX technology. It takes about 2.4 seconds to transfer 100 MP3 files (300MByte), 5.6 seconds to transfer 1 movie (800MByte) at speeds of 1Gpbs. Samsung demonstrated 1Gpbs data speed at nomadic circumstances by showing 32HD channel broadcast (20 Mpbs) downloads, Internet access and video telephony all at the same time. Furthermore, a 3.5 Gbps data transfer demonstration was shown using 8X8 MIMO (Multi-Input Multi-Output) technology.
Samsung's 4G-technology demonstra- tion is a next generation wireless communication service, a step up from last year's Mobile WiMAX demonstration. Samsung recently announced its plans to provide Mobile WiMAX systems and handsets to Sprint Nextel and lead the industry in next generation telecommunications technology. Additionally, Samsung has plans to commercialize Mobile WiMAX with nine major operators in seven different countries such as US, Italy and Brazil.
Samsung President Lee said earlier, "We are proud to demonstrate 4G technology for the first time at Samsung's 4G Forum. We hope to drive development and standardization of 4G mobile technology with the successful demonstration and realize our dream to begin the 4G era."He adds, "We hope to work with associated parties for the successful commercialization of 4G technology."
Samsung hosts an annual 4G Forum to discuss technology development and standardization of future telecommunication technology. Around 175 high-profile industry representatives from 20 countries met to discuss the key technologies for 4th generation mobile communications at the 4th Annual Samsung 4G Forum from August 30 to September 1 covering the "Service Requirements & Spectrum for 4G."ITU defines 4G technology as a future wireless telecommunications technology allowing data transfer rates of 1Gbps at nomadic circumstances and 100Mbps at mobile circumstances. The spectrums for 4G technology will be decided at WRC (World Radio Communication Conference) in October of 2007. The 4G mobile communications format is expected to become commercially available around 2010. nw


Lee Ki-tae, president of Samsung Electronics Telecommunications Network Business


Rho Jun-hyong, minister of information and communication, Kristin Rinne, Cigular Wireless CTO, and Samsung Electronics President Lee enjoy a ride aboard a bus on which fourth generation mobile phones are test-operated.

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