Beautiful Dream
along the Milky Way

Though being old enough, Baek Jin, 51, who is active in Paris and Japan still has dreams of a young boy in his heart. Audiences can feel childlike innocence and pure mind of him in his paintings. His inner world of imagination where he would go for an excursion flying to his imaginary sky is reflected in his works. The theme of his serial works, 'Milky Way'depicts human beings surrounded by the huge cosmos.
"When I close my eyes, I can see some images of black and red dots intermingled with each other on my retinas. Using these dreamlike images, my works describe a refuge located in the middle of the universe, where human beings can settle. I found out that the shape of the refuge looks like Korean traditional thatched cottage,"said Baek.
The place where the river of stars that deeply inspired young Baek flows through, flowers come out splendidly and a butterfly dances. Needless to day, the butterfly is the painter himself. Critics have noted that his works united splendid impression of colors of the West and the shades of the East.

The artist explains that the violent contrast of colors on the entire canvas is based on the Yin-yang theory and all of the circles in various sizes symbolize the circulation of human destiny.
Baek graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieur des Beaux-Arts A Paris (ENSB-A) and Universite Paris 8 - Vincennes Saint-Denis. He has had many exhibitions in Paris, Seoul and Japan. Especially in 1992, he participated in the super-sized joint atelier ?ine Tree?which was created by Korean artists. nw

The Milky Way | Acrylic on Canvas | 107.5x135cm

Painter Baek Jin

The Milky Way | 100x100cm | Technique Mixed | 2003

The Milky Way | 50x50cm | Technique Mixed | 2003

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