Samsung Electronics'WiBro
Becomes a Standard

Mobile WiMax gets green light from IEEE
The mobile WiMax technology related to Samsung Electronics'WiBro (wireless broadband Internet) has been approved as an international standard.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has officially approved the mobile WiMax technology, known as 802.16e as an international standard on December 7.
The designation of the 802.16e as a standard is expected to help WiBro serve as a core next-generation mobile technology and Samsung Electronics gain momentum in exporting related electronics devices in the years to come, Samsung Electronics officials said.
The core part of the mobile WiMax technology is that of WiBro, developed by Samsung Electronics and other Korean companies, so the designation of the mobile WiMax spec means that WiBro becomes a standard.
WiBro is a technology of allowing the use of broadband Internet while on the move, thus transmitting data at the fastest pace. Commercialization of WiBro would allow users to download a 36-page newspaper copy at a speed of 0.7 seconds. The transmit speed of WiBro with the maximum download of 20Mbps and the maximum upload of 6Mbps are 1.4 times to 3 times faster than that of High Speed Downlink Packet Access, a 3.5 G mobile technology SK Telecom, Korea? largest telecom operator is pushing.
The designation of WiBro as a standard is expected to give Samsung Electronics an opportunity to take another leap in the IT sector at a time when countries are engaged in a stiff competition to develop 4G mobile telecom technologies.
Lee Ki-tae, president of Samsung Electronics telecommunication network, said if the Ministry of Information and Communication, KT and Samsung Electronics join forces to present our home-grown technology, WiBro on the global market, it would bring about tremendous industrial spill-over effects, as demonstrated by Korea's commercialization of CDMA.

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