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Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, No. 1 in the National Customer Satisfaction Index five times in a row

In the 2005 National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI), Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance was ranked top again. In the 2005'fourth quarter NCSI research sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and conducted by Chosun Ilbo, Korea Productivity Center (KPC), and the University of Michigan, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance acquired 71 points, solidifying its reputation as the most satisfactory non-life insurance service provider, which has been proved since 2001.
National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) assesses and quantifies the level of customer satisfaction of products or service sold at home and abroad, according to the appreciation by end-users who used or experienced those products or services. The minimal measuring unit of NCSI is a product or product line produced by individual company. And the result of measurement is published under the categories of "Company Level," "Economic Sector Level,"and "Nation Level."NCSI assessment model are composed of level of customer expectation towards a product or service, level of perceived quality, level of perceived value, general satisfactory level, customer dissatisfaction level, customer loyalty level, customer retention ratio. As the causation among the elements can be analyzed in a comprehensive way, the reliability and the degree of perfection are very high compared with the existing customer satisfaction measuring tools. Especially, through the NCSI Simulation Software, how the changes in the customer satisfaction, which is the main interest of companies, affect the profitability represented by customer retention ratio can be analyzed.
Not only in the NSCI, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance has been No.1 in the KS-SQI (Korean Standard Service Quality Index) survey's non-insurance category for four consecutive years, and topped in Korea Service Grand Prix for two years in a row.
Then, what have made Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance's service that gratifying?
First of all, the company, which is the industry leader with dominant market share, has the largest nationwide indemnification network in Korea. As the area covered by each of its surveyors is relatively small, prompt service provision is possible. And Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance is the first domestic non-life insurance company that introduced the dispatching service to accident scene. The company says that, when an accident happens to its client, it dispatches a surveyor to the scene within 15 minutes. One of its various featured services is "Holiday Compensation Service,"which is also initiated by the company for the first time in the industry.
The company's outstanding performance and reputation is the outcome of various efforts to raise the level of customer expectation, customer perceived quality and perceived value. Its latest product, "AnyOne" showed its creative effort to provide customer-oriented services. "AnyOne" is a revolutionary service that incorporates auto insurance and home comprehensive insurance which covers various injuries that occur in daily life. By introducing insurance discount system like package discount or auto insurance renewal discount for the first time in the industry, it has drastically cut various operational cost and returned that to the customers. This product was launched in Aug. 2005, and the total amount of direct writing premium of it is 48.4 billion won (85,436 contracts).

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