Award for Consumer Service
KPS awarded top award for management innovation

The Korean Plant Service and Engineering Co.(President Ham Yoon-sang) won the most excellence award at the 2005 Korea Customer Satisfaction Grand Award presentation ceremony held in Seoul on November 15.
The company clinched the top award in the CS leadership area of the customer service reform award presented by the Korea Productivity Center, company officials said. They said the company launched the campaign to strengthen management system through everyday reform in April when President Ham took over the helm of the company and has been pursuing the reform target ever since.
President Ham told the employees that if there is a great need for change and reform in order to overcome the difficulties emerging with the system for competition in the power generation equipment industry. "We have to create the best customer value,"he asserted in the way of stressing the importance of reform to company employees.
The CEO's intention for reform has been summed up in the catchphrase of "INNO-KPS,"with I standing for innovation, N for nice, another N for necessary and O for optimistic, a long-term vision for the company. The company held a company-wide rally on July 1 to unite the company on pursuing this master plan for management reform.
All the officers of the company down to jobsite managers reconfirmed their dedication to push the master plan and signed the reform result agreement with President Ham. In addition, the company has been working on its Change Up 10 Percent Movement to drop unprofitable businesses and make improvement on those sectors with low earnings within the maximum of 10 percent of the company's operation. A strong leadership for reform displayed by Han has played a decisive role for capturing the coveted award this time, many company employees feel.
Professor Yoo Byung-tae of Hanyang University who made an assessment of the reform program, said he was impressed with future-oriented attitude of the company in upgrade its technology to the top level to satisfy its customers, adding that the company will be a top company in the world in terms of technology and service if the company can have flexibility in its customer service by a wider benchmarking.
KPS held 'Dream 30 management innovation town meeting'at the Hanwha condominium in Daecheon during June 22-23 to establish a master plan for management innovation through the establishment of innovation vision and excavation of innovation ideas. The event was designed to accelerate innovation activities by establishing a regular and systematic management innovation system to cope actively with fast-changing environment of maintenance market. President Ham, who participated in the event said, "I hope you recognize that management innovation is the only way we can service and become a leader of innovation. He went on to say he expected that we find a lot of innovation ideas through this town meeting.
Participants listened to a special lecture by a consultant from Korea Management Association on the current situation of management innovation in public institutions. Then, they were divided into several groups and had a time to establish directions of innovation and come up with innovation ideas through GE workout town meeting.
KPS provides high-quality maintenance services for power and industrial plants throughout Korea with a cumulative output of 58 million kW. The company established in 1974 for the purpose of providing efficient maintenance services for power facilities essential for national economic growth. Since then, the company has been making contribution to improving the quality of people? lives through continued development of technology and human resources, while striving to increase the level of Korea? maintenance technology.

President Ham Yoon-sang of the Korea Plant Service and Engineering Co. poses for a photo session with officials of the company.

President Ham Yoon-sang

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