KT Linkus'Innovation
Efforts Pay Off

President Park presented with the Order of Industrial Service

KT Linkus President Park Boo-kweun has been awarded with the Order of Industrial Service, Gold Tower in recognition of his quality management efforts.
He has been credited with overhauling work processes and ensuring quality control and innovations.
In 2003, the company introduced Six Sigma, a measure of quality that strives for near perfection, to ensure quality improvements and cost reduction.
Seven hundred and nineteen Six Sigma improvement projects have since brought about 149.2 billion won worth of improvements. The total breaks down to 68.2 billion won in cost reductions, 36 billion won in sales increase, 31.7 billion won in revenue improvements and 13.3 billion in investment curtailments.
KT Linku'?customer-oriented management policies have boosted sales and built up foundations for growth. The company has implemented the quality management assessment system using the Voice of Customer (VOC). It has beefed up the "Happy Call Program"to examine customers'complaints and ensure customer satisfaction, while operating the "Let's KT Blue Board,"a youth board, designed to suggest ideas for customer satisfaction and create a new corporate culture among the KT Group companies.
The company has carried out management innovation projects to reduce costs and raise work efficiency. These efforts have brought about 68.6 billion won in reductions and a reduction of manpower from 645 employees in 2001 to 400 in 2004. Across-the-board wage readjustments caused a 22.8 percent wage slash.
KT Linkus is praised for realizing fast decision-making management by standardizing duties through process innovations. Such systems as Six Sigma programs, Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) have been implemented to ensure management quality improvements. Company-wide quality management organizations have been in place, while ERP and EP infrastructures have been built up for speedy and exact decision-making.
Making the most of locally developed technologies, the company has developed such security solution equipment as systems, control apparatuses and terminals. It has offered locally developed security solutions so as not to provide technology royalties to foreign companies.
Since its foundation in August, 1988, KT Linkus has enjoyed steady growth, originally launching its public telephone maintenance & repair service business as a subcontractor of Korea Telecommunications Inc. (KT). In April, 2001, the company became an independent service provider, covering the entire domain of the public telephone service industry.
Based on its nationwide networks, the company launched a security alarm service, 'KT Telecop' in July, 1998. KT Telecop Security has achieved rapid business growth over the years, making the Company the local market leader.
The success of the company lies in the continuous support and trust of its clients and customers. Instead of being content with achievements, the company is now focusing on upgrading and diversifying its business areas.
In order to boost the commercialization of multi-purpose public telephones, allowing the public access to teleconference and Internet use at any time, at any place, as well as the expansion of security services, satisfying the needs of commercial and residential customers, the company has changed its business name from a formal name, 'Korea Public Telephone' to a more friendly name, 'KT Linkus' in June, 2001.
Reborn as KT Linkus, the company will now focus on developing advanced marketing strategies and customer-oriented services as well as a healthy corporate culture based on a solid business management. KT Linkus will put its ceaseless efforts into product and service development in order to provide high call quality and services to residential customers and corporate clients.

KT Linkus President Park Boo-kweun is decorated with the Order of Industrial Service, Gold Tower for his quality management efforts.

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