Enhancing Green Cooperation
between Korea and Vietnam

Agreed to promote collaboration on Vietnamese Waste Management & Pollutants Auto-Monitoring System Project

Korean Environmental Minister Lee Jae-yong and Mai Ai Truc, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam had the 4th Korea-Vietnam environmental ministerial meeting at the governmental complex in Gwacheon, December 13, 2005. Two ministers discussed bilateral environmental cooperation plans like supporting the establishment of environmental training center in Vietnam and promotion of human exchanges.
The first meeting between two countries took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, Aug. 2000. Since then two countries held an environment minister's meeting every other year, and at the 3rd meeting in 2004, two parties agreed to hold it every year. As Korean delegates, the Minister Lee of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of Korea, director-general for International Cooperation Office Park Young-woo, director for International Affairs Office Lee Min-ho, director for Environment Economy Division Lee Chan-hee participated in this meeting and from Vietnam, the Minister Truc, Deputy-director Bao Tam, Advisory Xuan Hung and the Vietnamese ambassador Pham Huu Chi attended.
At this meeting, the two Ministers evaluated outcomes of past collaboration in environmental issues (Trainee dispatch, Knowledge Partnership, Haiphong Ecological City, Traditional Village Project, etc.) and discussed future promotion plan for new projects. Especially, as the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has asked since long, Korean government is planning to give its full support to the establishment of an environmental training center in Vietnam, thereby this could be selected as a KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)'s aid project.
Through this project, the exchange of experts and public servants of two countries will be ever activated and wide publicity can be given to Korean environment technologies through the education programs,
from which we can attain indirect benefit for the advance of Korean environmental businesses.
As for the "Support Plan for the Development of Vietnam Environmental Industry"which was suggested by Vietnam, various educational programs, trainings and technological presentation on environmental industry will be continuously implemented, in effort to provide opportunities where the people in the environmental industry of both countries can exchange their experiences and examples.
Besides, both agreed to promote many collaborative projects in the area of waste management and pollutant monitoring, according to existing agreements with Environmental Management Corporation and Korea Environment & Resources Corporation. These projects are expected to raise the image of the Korea as an optimal environmental business partner and also serve as a momentum for Korea to preoccupy Vietnamese environmental market which keeps expanding as a result of urbanization.
The Minister Lee also promised positive support by the Ministry to the ?sian Pacific Round Table on the Sustainable Production and Consumption?which will be held in Hanoi 2007, as Vietnam asks active participation by Korean environmental companies and research institutes.
The MOE said, at this meeting, that it will cement the friendship between two countries by concentrating its aid to the enhancement of the environment in Vietnam in a way Vietnam government desires. And it also promised its lasting effort in reciprocal collaboration for the Vietnamese environment and the economy of Korea, by indirectly supporting the advance of Korean environment companies to Vietnam.
During this visit, the Minister Truc made an on-site inspection of the training facilities in the National Instituted of Environmental Research (NIER) and the Tele-Monitoring System for pollutants, a facility located in the Environmental Management Corporation.


The 4th environmental ministerial meeting of Korea and Vietnam takes place in the Ministry of Environment, Gwacheon governmental complex.



Plan for Establishment of Vietnam Environmental Training Center
- Object: Promotion of friendly relations between Korea and Vietnam, through Korea's support to the establishment of the center
- Content: Preparation and operational planning for educational programs, Dispatch of experts for experiment & analysis facility setup, Equipment supply for the management of air quality, water quality and waste treatment and Invitation for Vietnamese trainee to come to Korea and learn how to operate equipment
- Fund: KOICA's cooperation fund (Approximately $ 1 million)
- Period: 2007~2008
A more specific plan will be prepared during the first half of 2006.

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