Hyundai Motor Releases 2 New Cars
to Reassert Itself in Europe

The latest cars strategically designed for the market to meet consumers'sentiment and needs

Hyundai Motor has unveiled its new Click and concept car Accent SR with a goal of strengthening its presence in the European Market, during the Frankfurt Motor Show.
About 50 global giant automakers, including Hyundai Motor, and 1,000 companies, including automotive parts makers, showcased their latest versions and conception cars during the 51st Frankfurt Motor Show that kicked off September 12. The motor show, being held under the theme "Cars - Pure Fascination"is one of the world's largest motor shows. Small sports cars and next-generation cars displayed on the motor show presented the future trends of the global car market.
Hyundai Motor, one of official sponsors for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, held an event introducing the 2006 FIFA World Cup? mascot, "goleo" during the press session of the motor show. The Korean giant automaker also released the new Click that will sell under the Getz badge in the European market and Accent SR (Sports Racer), a pre-launching version of three-door MC, for the first time, in front of media people and auto officials from around the world.
Kim Jae-il, vice president in charge of overseas business at Hyundai Motor Co., said during a news briefing, "The reason for Hyundai's rapid growth in the European market is that Hyundai has focused on the development of cars strategically designed for the market, based on thorough advance analysis of the market. The new Click, unveiled in the European market for the first time, is strategically designed with European styles, reflecting European consumers' sentiment and needs, and it is expected to serve as a springboard for accelerating its bid to make a foray into the market."
The European market is one of Hyundai's major global markets along with the North American market. The Korean automaker has made rapid strides in exports to the European market since 1977 when it made its maiden shipment of 300 Pony cars to Greece. Its exports, which surpassed the 400,000 unit mark in 2004, has made a marked showing with the number of exports to the market totaling 3.2 million units as of the end of August this year.
In particular, Hyundai, which made its maiden export of the Click to the European market in July 2002, has sold 550,000 units worldwide in the past three years, including 280,000 units to the European market. The Click, emerging as one of Hyundai's best-selling cars worldwide, has contributed to improving the automakers?brand power thanks to its excellent design and quality as a pacemaker of its foray into the European market.
The new Click presents European sporty styles with overall outside and interior face-offs reflecting European consumers'expectations. The new compact comes in four types designed to meet European consumers?diverse purchase needs ? 1.1, 1.4, 1.6-gasoline engine plus 1.5VGT diesel engine meeting Euro IV standards.
The domestic version of the new Click was unveiled at Seoul's Everland Speedway July 10. Last year, it displaced Elantra as the best-selling model in Hyundai? lineup with 194.489 units sold worldwide.
Major revisions to the headlamps, rear combination lamps, fog lamps, front and real bumpers strengthen Click's youth appeal. Revisions continue inside where there is a totally new dashboard and updated interior color scheme, including fashionable Red and Blue color packages.
The Accent SR, with sportier and more dynamic styles than existing ones, is strategically designed for strengthening Hyundai Motor's presence in the European market as a pre-launching version of the upcoming new three-door Accent.
Grandeur, which made its debut during the Geneva Motor Show, has enjoyed popularity with rising purchase demands and more-than-expected sales in the European market where Hyundai's smaller cars have made a strong showing. The Grandeur, which hit Europe last July, is now competing large-size cars from Audi, BMW and other European automakers.
With the start of the midsize sedan Sonata and Grandeur exports late last year and this year, Hyundai's full export car line-up ranging to small- and large-sized ones, has allowed European consumers to choose from a wide range of Hyundai cars.
Hyundai Motor is now displaying on its own 2,105-square meter booth its 20 brands, including the new Click, Accent SR, a conception car, new Grandeur, Sonata and Matrix, during the motor show that will get under way until September 25.
Other Korean automakers participating in the motor show have come up with their latest brands to lure foreign consumers.
Kia Motors Corp. released the Lotze, a new midsize sedan to replace the Optima in Korea next month, and the diesel version of the Picanto compact, slated for its European market debut late this year.
The new midsize, expected to compete against the Japanese Mazda 6, Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 407 and Volkswagen's Passat, will be called the Magentis in Europe, the Lotze in Korea and the Optima elsewhere, said Kia.

Accent SR (Sports Racer), a pre-launching version of three-door MC, unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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