National Environment Management
Prize Goes to KOPEC President

Recognized for the development of the de-NOx catalyst, KoNOx

Lim Sung-choon, president of Korea Power Engineering Co. (KOPEC), has received the Presidential Citation, the coveted individual contribution category of the 2005 National Environment Management Grand Prize, in recognition of his contribution to the design of environmentally friendly plants and self-sufficiency of new environment technologies.
Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Lee Hee-beom gave the citation to KOPEC President Lim during a ceremony for awarding the 2005 National Environment Management Grand Prize, organized by the ministry June 10.
In particular, KOPEC has been credited with having developed the de-NOX system, KoNOx. The de-NOx catalyst, patented in the United States and China is one example of the achievements KOPEC have made as part of its efforts to expand the environment business. Thanks in part to its outstanding capacity to allow reactors between nitrogen oxides and reducing agents at a low discharge gas temperature, the new de-NOX system equipped with KoNOx has been selected as a Next (generation) World-Class Product (NWCP) by the MOCIE in November 2003. The new system has the tremendous advantage of not requiring heating equipment to warm combustion gas to an optimal temperate for the reduction reaction of selective catalysts, while also exhibiting better efficiency in removing nitrogen oxides. From an economical aspect, the KoNOx system is cheaper in terms of initial investment and operation costs than existing de-NOx systems, and the KoNOx catalyst, made from manganese, is about 30 percent less expensive than conventional de-NOx catalysts.
The National Environment Manage-ment Grand Prize, established last year, is divided into two categories -individual and company recognized for contributing to the environment-friendly cause. The individual and company categories of the 2005 National Environment Management Grand Prize went to KOPEC President and Samsung Electronics, respectively.
KOPEC? being awarded with the presidential citation is thanks to the company? continuous efforts to focus on investment and research in the environment sector. Environmental issues have been a global pressing question in the wake of Kyoto Protocol on climate change, but in reality few pay attention on a continuous basis to the issuse.
With the achievement, KOPEC plans to expand environment business sector. The company also plans to make efforts to expand the KoNOx catalyst and KEPAR flue gas desulfulization process markets in Korea and abroad. KOPEC will wok on the application of the secured technologies to the industrial sector and environment equipment for removing pollutants discharged by mobile pollutants like automobiles. The company is striving to become a world-class environmental friendly company with the pursuit of public interests.

USC Thermal Power Plant
Korea South-East Power Co.'s Danjin Thermal Power Plant Unit 5, Korea? first Ultra Super Critical (USC) power facility, designed by KOPEC, was test-operated at its full capacity of 536 MW on June 17. KOPEC has once again demonstrated its prowess in the design of high-performance 500MW USC thermal power plants following its previous feats - 50MW, 800MW Super Critical thermal power plant design technologies.
Besides, KOPEC is now working on the design of Dangjin Thermal Power Plant Units 7 & 8, Daean Thermal Power Plant Units 7 & 8, Boryeong Thermal Power Plant Units 7 & 8 and Boryeong Thermal Power Plant Units 7 & 8, all USC power facilities. Boryeong Thermal Power Plants Units 5 through 8 are Korea's USC version with their main steam and reheating steam temperatures upgraded to 566 and 593 degrees Celsius, respectively. They are all equipped with such advanced environment preservation facilities as desulfurization andde-NOx equipment. Unit 5 and 6 are to be completed this month and next March, respectively under a three-month construction period reduction plan.
KOPEC has been recognized as the best engineering service companies in Korea, designing nuclear power plants and fossil power plants as an architect engineer. It performs a technical, central role in the power industry by producing all the necessary information on engineering, procurement, construction management and start-up.
Founded in 1975, KOPEC has established its firm position in the domestic power industry with world-class technologies and capable human resources. It not only leads with technology associated with standard 500MW fossil-fired plants, 800MW class coal-fired plants and combined cycle plants, but also ranks with technically developed countries such as the United States, France, and Canada in the international market of nuclear plants by developing its own model of Korean Standard Nuclear Plant.

Lim Sung-choon, president of Korea Power Engineering Co. (KOPEC)

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