Strong IT Country

The Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) held a luncheon meeting at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Seoul on April 6 with Scott McNealy, chairman of Sun Microsystem, as guest speaker.
The U.S. business executive spoke on "Innovating the Future"at the KCCI gathering.
Chairman and CEO McNealy pointed out in his speech that IT is at its most utilization period following its standardization period and customizing period.
He went on to remark that the history of computing has been moving toward technologies to realize grid after passing through the ages of work station, client/server and the Internet-based dot com.
McNealy said Korea's IT environment deserves to be closely watched as the sector's record improves dramatically, including $75 billion in exports in 2004, and the level of IT infrastructure, tops in the world with the ratio of household using super-speed Internet standing at 76 percent and ownership of cell phones at 75 percent.
Korea needs to have a daring reform to take advantage of the fact that it has become a test bed for global IT firms and maximize the benefits from the situation.
He said Sun Microsystem would like to ensure its future success by becoming a partner for Korean corporate reform.
About 250 officials and staff of KCCI member firms and IT firms heard the U.S. business executive speak.

Chairman Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystem delivers a speech at KCCI.

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