China's Vast Market & Korea

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) invited Chinese Ambassador to Seoul, Li Bin, to speak at one of its luncheon meetings on April 8 at the Shilla Hotel in downtown Seoul. The Chinese ambassador's address was entitled, "China's Development and Korea-Chinese Relations."Li said China's economy continued to grow substantially last year to make the country, the third largest trading country in the world. The economy is projected to grow 8 percent this year under stable prices and neutral monetary policies.
The Chinese diplomat characterized Korea-China relations by rapid growth, outstanding results, great potential and an expanding relationship. He said the two countries need to maintain close cooperation on many issues, but most importantly the North Korean nuclear standoff, which needs to be solved peacefully in dialogue and negotiations between South and North Koreas as it is the same with China? basic policy for the Korean Peninsula.
With regard to the issue of Wian currency reevaluation, he said it is being seriously studied in China as its impact would reach China's neighbors. But the most important thing is the rational readjustment of the exchange rate management system.
On the distortion of Japanese textbooks and the possibility for joint actions by Korea and China on the matter, he said all of us have been working hard for joint development of Northeast Asia, but the Japanese approach has been causing much difficulty. Japan should understand its history correctly and apologize if it should and repent for its past mistakes and win understanding from the people, the Chinese ambassador urged.

Chinese Ambassador to Korea Li Bin speaks at a luncheon hosted by the KCCI.

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