KTF's Subscriber Recruitment
It hits 370,000 in May, net increase of 60,000 from April

KTF(President Nam Joong-soo) said it has secured 370,000 subscribers, net increase of 60,000 in May, recording a stable increase in the number of its subscribers.
Of the new customers, 180,000 involved transfer of numbers and 190,000 new customers with the numbers starting with 010.
There have been net increases in the number of new customers every month this year and as of the end of May, KTF customers totaled 12.110 million.
KTF feels that it is still maintaining its competitiveness with new "good time"phone charge rates and mobile phones in a market environment where transfer of numbers is allowed in both directions.
The company feels that its next generation 3D game service is gaining popularity among young customers, along with K-ways getting extremely popular among drivers.
The company plans to maintain the level of its clean marketing program of May in June also so that customers would know who is offering better services in the industry in a fair competitive environment.
KTF will continue to consider the lifestyle and phone communication patterns in charging fees so that the fever for "good time rate products" would continue to be on course. The company also plans to capture the attentions of its customers with the offer of new high-tech cell phones including LG-KV3600 and SPH-V6900, following the introduction of SPH-G1000.
Pyo Hyun-myung, vice president of KTF in charge of the marketing department, said KTF will lead the market with its clean marketing program in June also so that its GPANG and 'Dosirak'music portal would continue to lead the market backed up by competitive services.
Introduction of 'Ever Dual Face'KTFT(President Huh In-moo) will introduce to the market its new cell phone 'Ever Dual Face' KTF-X8000 with different designs in the front and back of the cell phone in the second half of this year. It will come in three colors; Snow white, Shining black, and Loving yellow priced at around 400,000 won per piece.
On the front, it has a digital camera image, while in the back, it looks like a deluxe audio system with speakers as it has dual designs each different front and back. Overall, it looks clean from outside as it is silver colored giving up an image of deluxe high-tech product.
KTF8000, targeted to be one of the most popular items on the market in the second half of this year, has been drawing public attention due to commercials featuring actress Song Hae-kyo, who is both sexy and beautiful.
KTF-X8000 has many designs and specifications that customers prefer such as an antenna-type slide, a round-type for good gripping, dual speakers, QVGA LCD, CCD Camera, memory device, MP3 function, GPS service for vehicles K-ways, and others.
It has a 2-inch screen with its picture improved greatly with the application of QVGA LCD. Due to its CCD camera, it takes good pictures and images very clear. Its digital camera function mixed with UI enables the instrument to take pictures sideways with a five-stage zoom capability and continuous camera rolling with a diversified shooting mode. They make it possible to edit pictures and take pictures.
The MP3 function, which has been raised to the level of MP3 players, is capable of making selection of music genre with its nine equalizer mode. Users can push buttons from 1 to 9 to change the mode. The earphone has three control mechanism making possible for listeners to hear deep low sounds and the users will hear a live sound like it was reproduced by MP3 due to double bass function and two speakers behind slide.

KTF President Nam Joong-soo.

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