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Places first in construction undertaking capacity in 2004

Samsung Engineering & Construction (Samsung E&C), headed by President Lee Sang-dae, topped the construction industry becoming the top builder in terms of the construction project undertaking capacity in 2004 for the first time in 27 years of its operation and strives to become a world-class first-rate builder in the world.
Samsung E&C, the construction arm of Samsung Corp. led the growth of national economy in the last century as the parent company for Samsung Group and in the 21st century, it has been creating a new paradigm taking part in the national effort to enter the age of $20,000 per capita income putting the country in the list of advanced countries.
It acquired the technology for building top-class semiconductor and LCD high-tech plant and production process. In December last year, the company became the builder for 160-storey and 700 meter tall "Burj Dubai Tower" setting a record of building three tallest buildings in the world including the Taiwan Financial Center and the Petronas Building in Kuala Lumpur and winning the world recognition for its top technology and know-how.
The company also won the right to undertake the construction of the second Yon-yuk Bridge linking Yongjong Island and Incheon area, the longest bridge in the country and the third longest in the world. The company has also been building its Remian brand apartments, which won the National Customer Satisfaction Index(NCSI) for 7 years in a row since first building an apartment in Mapo, Seoul in 1994.
In the area of the nuclear power plant construction, the company won the order for Shinwolsung nuclear power plant units Nos.1&2 in June, 2003, which will have the company undertake the construction of the entire process of building a nuclear plant unit, including its core facility, Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS). The company has already completed the work of Ulchin nuclear power plant Unit No.5 in July last year and it is now undertaking the construction of Ulchin nuclear power plant Unit No. 6, making the company to become an independent builder of nuclear power plant in 13 years since it entered the nuclear power plant construction sector in 1991.
Samsung E&C introduced "quality management environment"for the first time in the country in 1994 and last year, it also set up a risk management system extending from getting orders to completion of projects, safeguarding risks in bidding contracts and process of building before hand.

Samsung E&C has beefed up its capabilities related to both the construction of six mainstay sectors and software fields before and after the construction. The company has been accelerating customer-oriented management renovations as it has entered a phase of implementing the Six Sigma drive it introduced in 2003.

Samsung E&C has declared a second take-off toward the next 100 years through a future-oriented corporate culture focusing on talented human resources, creativity and challenges, and it is continuously exerting itself to secure an absolute competitiveness. nw

Lee Sang-dae, president of Samsung Engineering & Construction

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