Winning Gold Tower Medal
Vice Chairman Cho Nam-won of Sambu
Construction wins the medal for his contribution

Vice Chairman Cho Nam-won of Sambu Construction won the Industrial Medal Gold Tower from the government for his contribution to the growth of construction industry on the occasion of the Construction Day on June 18.
He was cited to have made a great contribution to the construction industry by leading his firm to build huge construction projects in the country and abroad, including the project building a tunnel beneath the Han River for subway, multipurpose dam in Nam River, Bukpyong harbor, the Seoul-Busan High-speed Railroad and the Seoul-Busan Expressway, among others.
Sambu Construction also built cultural facilities in the country to preserve and realize cultural assets including Paekje history realization estate, the Silla village construction project, national museums in Chunchon, Buyo, and Chongju. The company also took part in the reconstruction of the Gwangtong Bridge over Chonggye stream in downtown Seoul, residential housing projects and officetels. The company also successfully compeleted the construction of waste water treatment facilities in Saudi Arabia, a sports center and MBA Building in Malaysia, in addition to a highway in Pakistan.
Cho graduated from Korea University in 1970 with a degree in civil engineering and joined the company in 1975. He currently is a director of the Korea Construction Association, vice chairman of the Korea Engineering Academy and director of the Korea Engineers Association, making efforts to reform the construction industry and enhance at the same time its construction technology. He set up the Sukjong Foundation to help regional development around the country and became a director of the Rehabilitation Foundation to be active in social work raising the respect for the construction industry.

Sambu Construction Chairman Cho Nam-wook (left) and Vice Chairman Cho Nam-won, presented with the Industrial Medal Gold Tower, on hand at a reception of the Construction Day anniversary.

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