KISWIRE Envisages Global
Special Steel Wire Maker
Has established a long-term management plan, "KISWIRE Vision"

Since its establishment, KISWIRE has spearheaded the domestic special steel wire industry through endless technology innovations. It has aggressively made a venture into numerous foreign markets around the world in order to become the industry leader.
"KISWIRE has advanced step by step with a strong conviction with an emphasis being placed on abiding by principles and not fearing change. We are preparing ourselves for the future and for the changes that will come,"KISWIRE CEO Hong Young-chul, said.
Guided by expert management, KISWIRE has been aggressively proactive in responding to rapid changes and the future. The company has continuously invested in technological innovations and quality improvement. Furthermore, it has expanded its production base and sales networks to grow into a truly global company.
Corporate philosophy
Based on its mission, contribution of national economic development as a special steel wire producer, KISWIRE has been promoting creativity, trust, perseverance and internal efficiency as its corporate philosophy in order to serve both its customers and the community, and contribute to the well-being of mankind.
In an effort to achieve management targets, realizing its corporate mission and the entrepreneurship of the founder, and becoming a world-class special steel manufacturer -, the staff of KISWIRE has been striving for competitiveness, rational management, globalization and creation of a fulfilling, worthwhile workplace.
In order to leap into a global leader in the special steel wire industry, KISWIRE has established a long-term management plan, dubbed "KISWIRE Vision," calling for supplying quality products, and promoting advanced technology development, human resources development and globalization.
KISWIRE has earned worldwide recognition through competitiveness in quality, price, service and new product development as well as through the globalization of technology and the university of its brand names.
The company will focus on developing high valued-added products and next-generation special steel wire products by forming joint ventures with leading companies around the world. KISWIRE will also introduce advanced technology as well as develop its own in-house technology.
KISWIRE will focus global expertise through comprehensive training and a creative corporate environment so that employees can develop their potential and live up to their dreams.
By providing high-quality products and by fulfilling its obligations as a corporate citizen, KISWIRE aims to contribute to the happiness and well being of mankind.
Core capabilities
As its efforts to build up its core capabilities, KISWIRE has first pursued rational management and worked hard to enhance internal efficiency and maintain stability. Based on that stability, KISWIRE will expand to new horizons. Through continuing management innovations, constant reduction and improved productivity, KISWIRE has built a sound financial structure. This, together with sound management and stable investment, has led to consistent growth.

Since its establishment, KISWIRE has aimed to be the very best in its " Selection and Target Areas" related to the special steel wire industry. The company maintains cutting-edge competitiveness in all areas, including strict quality control, excellent products developed through consistent innovation product diversity, price competitiveness, streamlined delivery processes and customer service.
KISWIRE is a truly global company with over 70 percent of sales generated in overseas markets. Currently, there are production facilities in Malaysia, the United States and China. In addition to these facilities, there are branches and sales offices in strategic areas such as Japan, Singapore, the United States, the Netherlands, and China. They all work together to form a global network. In the future, the company is planning to expand to the global market more aggressively by establishing more production plants in strategic locations around the world.
KISWIRE has achieved numerous breakthroughs in its R&D center. These include cost reduction, high value-added product development, localization of materials, and advanced technologies, improvement of productivity through the development of special materials and product improvement, the advancement of production technology and consistent research development.
KISWIRE works under the basic principal, that the only way to co-prosper in this highly competitive market is to form a coalition between labor and management. The company established a relationship based on trust in order to maintain exemplary labor-management relations.

KISWIRE CEO Hong Young-chul

Wire rope, one of KISWIRE? key products

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