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LW40, world's first laptop to watch
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LG Electronics scooped the pool, with its latest premium plasma TV(model: PY2DR) and LG Express Notebook PC (model: LW40). They were selected 'May's Coolest Gadgets' by a world prestigious IT specialized website, the 'IT World' which is operated by the international research and media, marketing group 'IDG(International Data Group)'
'IT World'has chosen PY2DR as one of 'May's Coolest Gadgets' praising that this world's first high-definition plasma TV integrated with a built-in high-definition digital video recorder (HD-DVR) "comes with a surprise inside" It highly valued PY2DR's world's first built-in high definition digital video recorder, which can store 13 hours of full high-definition broadcasts or 62 hours of analogue broadcasts. This model includes two slots that can support nine standard types of memory cards.
LGE's PY2DR, all-in-one type plasma TV with world? first built-in hard disk, has gained its fame as the 'award sweeper' by collecting several international renowned awards. The 50 inch model received an iF Design Award at Cebit 2005 and a Reddot Design Award. It was also selected as the superior product by U.S 'Popolar Mechanics' for its progressiveness. In addition, the 60 inch model with the same design grabbed an Innovation Award at CES 2005, which is given only to the superior products in terms of innovation and creativity among CES-exhibited products.
LG Electronics introduced PY2DR to the North American market in May, following its launch in the Korean market on May 2. Available in 50- and 60-inch models, the new wide screen plasma-DVRs incorporate an automatic time-shift feature, which continuously records an hour worth of live broadcasting that the user has been watching.
With this time-shift function, the user can watch the scene he missed any time within one hour while simultaneously recording live broadcasting.
Other features include slow motion rewind and forward capabilities and instant replay. The user-friendly sets also enable viewers to easily organize recorded programs and set up repeat recordings of their favorite show, by pressing a button using the EPG (Electronics Program Guide).
On the other hand, LG LW40 Express equipped with Intel? 2nd generation centrino technology, code-named Sonoma is the world? first DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcast) notebook PC.
This model features a 14-inch wide LCD screen with a WXGA resolution of 1280x768 and a ratio of 15:9, perfect for watching DVD titles and films. The fine bright LCD installed in this model shows deep and clear images, appealing to consumers who seek enhanced entertainment features.
Also, the DMB notebook PC features functions of DMB watching and recording, channel registration, broadcasting-reception sense indication, and channel scanning, as well as booked recording, picture capture, and intelligent update (automatically downloading software from Internet and upgrading it), thus enhancing user's convenience.
The model is equipped with Pentium M 1.6GHz CPU, 512 MB DDR2 memory, 60GB hard disk drive, and the high Performance graphic chip (ATI Mobility Radeon X600) to enhance entertainment functions such as 3D games and videos.
In particular, the DMB-enabled notebook PC utilizes DMB antenna and signal treatment modules that can be replaced with an optical disc drive (ODD) in the notebook PC. This allows users to opt between the DMB module and the ODD, increasing mobility.
Export models bound for Europe and Asia, Middle East, South America are featured with the ODD module instead of the DMB receiver.
As for consumers'preference over DMB receivers, notebook PCs rank second after mobile phones, and with the development of DMB, the DMB notebook market will likely grow. LG Electronics plan to exploit such innovative technology and trend setting designs to develop world leading Digital Display products and, exemplified by the PY2DR, to continue its impressive run of awards in the future.
Based on these acknowledged products and aggressive marketing activities LG Electronics aim to achieve its goal to become the Global top display company by 2007. nw

LG Express Notebook PC (model: LW40)

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