Samsung: Brilliant Display of Convergence Phones
Samsung President Lee receives 2005 IEEE Distinguished Industry Leader Award

Samsung Electronics showcased a wide range of cell phones combining state-of-the-art digital devices during Expo Comm Wireless Korea 2005, showing off its status as a global leader in the mobile convergence industry.
Lee Ki-tae, president of Samsung Electronics Co. Telecommunication Network, said in his speech during the opening ceremony that Expo Comm Wireless Korea 2005, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has served as an opportunity to enhance the local telecommunication industry's competitive edge and facilitates foreign investment.
Lee said, "The local telecommunication industry has made remarkable strides, and the era of convergence has ushered in earnestly."Korea has opened a new chapter by launching digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) service, combining telecommunication and broadcasting for the first time in the world and the world? first mobile Internet technology, Wibro Korea has developed on its own will be commercialized soon said Lee, adding that Wibro and DMB will be major advanced technologies in the mobile convergence era, demonstrating its technological superiority again following its successful commercialization of CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology.
The Samsung president urged people in the telecommunication sector to promote cooperation and efforts to ensure systematic and comprehensive development of industries, he said. The government is exerting itself to push ahead with the so-called IT 839 Strategy that it expects to become a driving force in raising national income to $20,000. In the long-term perspective, the strategy will focus on the expansion of infrastructure.
Among the phones that attracted the most attention from spectators during the exhibition were the world's "First and best phones"that made their debuts in such fairs as CeBit in the recent months. They included the world's first mobile phone (SCH-V770) equipped with a 7 megapixel camera that was unveiled at CeBit; satellite DMB phone with a slide-type, horizontal screen (B200); and 3 Gb super music phone (i300).
Samsung Electronics unveiled the slimmest, advanced phone (SCH-V740) for the first time in Korea. The V740, 14.5 mm thick and 98 grams in weight, is handy and light enough to carry in a pocket. The phone is furnished with such advanced functions as 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, filing viewing and a MP3 player.
Also on display were Beat Box Phone (S310), Blue Black Bluetooth Phone (V6900), 3D Game Phone (G100/G1000), Wireless LAN Music Phone (M4300) and Music Video Phone with a horizontal screen (V600/V6000) that are in vogue with recent trends among clients.
Samsung Electronics operated an "Experience Zone"in which spectators enjoyed games, music and dances.
Besides, Samsung released folder-type satellite DMB phone (SCH-B130) on March 23 as part of its efforts to strengthen its presence in the DMB market.
The B130 has multi-tasking functions like watching DMB programs while making calls or sending messages through Short Message Service (SMS).

Clients can enjoy watching more clear DMB programs through the high-definition phone with a large size screen (2.23 inch).
The design tailored to DMB broadcasting and reduces electricity can allow clients to watch programs for up to 150 minutes. The B130 has such functions as a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and TV connectivity and outside memory (RS-MMC).
The Korean electronics giant soon plans to unveil slide-type vertical DMB phone (B200).
Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics President Lee Ki-tae was presented with the 2005 IEEE Distinguished Industry Leader Award during the IEEE International Conference on Communication (ICC) held at COEX on May 17.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) said it unanimously approved awarding Samsung President Lee with the 2005 IEEE Distinguished Industry Leader Award. The award is given annually to one person recognized for having contributed to the development of telecommunication equipment, terminals and services and leading roles in spreading telecommunication technologies.
The awardees of the award, established in 2001, include NTT DoCoMo Chairman Keizi Dachigawa (in 2001), SISCO Chairman John Chambers (2002), Nokia Chairman Jorma Olilla (2003) and Qualcomm Chairman Irwin Jacobs (2004). nw

Lee Ki-tae, president of Samsung Electronics Co. Telecommunication Network is presented with the 2005 IEEE Distinguished Industry Leader Award during the IEEE International Conference on Communication (ICC) held at COEX on May 17.

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