30th Asian Racing Conference Closes
Its 8-day Run in Seoul
Meeting to promote the development of thoroughbred racing in Korea

The 30th Asian Racing Conference kicked off its 8-day run from May 20 27 at the Grand Inter Continenta
Seoul with a fascinating display of traditional Korean dance and music along with business sessions devoted to discussing Asia's united vision for world racing organized jointly by the Korea Racing Association (KRA)
and the Asian Racing Federation
Lee Woo-jae, chairman and CEO of the Korea Racing Association, said the conference was expected to be the most dynamic and beneficial gathering of its kind. Furthermore, he hoped that the sessions would provide an important means for participants to exchange and share the latest information and expertise to solidify their relationship, and to experience the benefits of the horse racing industry in Korea.
As the sole horse racing authority, the Korea Racing Association has set a strong foundation for the horse racing industry in Korea to flourish. Celebrating more than 80 years of commitment to its active operation of horse racing, the KRA is making every effort to strengthen this base by planning for many more upcoming challenges.
Currently, they are in the process of implementing a blue print that would allow horse racing in Korea to reach a new milestone. Moreover, the KRA is also examining ways for the development of the thoroughbred breeding industry, to pave a way for a brighter future of the horse racing industry in Korea.
With carefully planned tour programs, participants will have a better understanding of Korea's valued cultural assets and its five thousand year history. Participants can enjoy Korea's contemporary culture through great sights and sounds. They will do their best to ensure that the 30th Asian Racing Conference will leave you with a memorable experience worth cherishing.
Lawrence T. Wong, chairman of the Asian Racing Federation and Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, said the conference brought together racing and wagering professionals from some of the world's most progressive jurisdictions to debate current topics and emerging issues. With the ARF playing a greater role in world racing, there no better place or time to catch up on the latest developments from across the region and around the world. Our hosts this year, Korea Racing Association, are making every effort to make this a truly special event for delegates and guests. They have arranged a wide range of accommodation in close proximity to the conference venue. There is also a full program of social events as well as opportunities to experience the Korean racing culture.
As an opportunity to make new acquaintances and business contacts as well as to catch up with old friends, he is sure that this will be another memorable occasion for Asian racing.
Official events included racing events at the Seoul Racecourse, which was followed by "Feel Korea". a unique way to experience traditional Korean culture on May 22.
On May 23, the opening ceremony and a welcome dinner were held the COEX in southern Seoul. Performances under the title of "Feel Korea Night" included Daegeum (Korean Flute) solo/tenor solo and Korean traditional dance "Morning lotus"by the Kook Soo-ho Dance Troupe.
Lee Woo-jae, chairman and CEO of KRA made an opening address, followed by welcoming addresses by the chairman of the ARF and guests of honor from the Korean government.
A fantasy laser show was presented under the title of "Flying horse's dream"as a Korean drum ensemble played.
The event came to a close with a farewell address by KRA chairman and CEO Lee, followed by a report on the 30th ARC and handing over the ARF Trophy and with a speech by representatives of the next host country and world racing vision performance "Forever ARF."A farewell performance included presentations by Korean traditional dancers and chorus by the Little Angels/string ensemble & Electrical Music/non-verbal performance "Nanta"/pop music/ dance party with Latin Jazz & Salsa Band "Cobana." nw

A view of 30th Asian Racing Conference

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