Capturing Memories in Pastel Tone
- Painter Park brings out understanding and friendly mind into artistic space in simple manner

Painter Park Jong-sook held an exhibition of her work, filled with her memorable moments in her life expressed on pastel tone canvasses in a simple manner. "Dream for Unity" was the main theme of her display March 23-29 at Insa Art Center.
Her world of art expressed in soft touches on the canvass conveys vibrant life that begins to tick in spring with nostalgia for peaceful and beautiful life and friendly and pleasurable memories for nature.
For painter, nothing is eternal, but tries to capture every-day life scenes such as flowers, winds, floating clouds and nameless sceneries at harbors one by one and give a breath of life to those things as if to confirm her own existence.
The painter's internal prayer for tomorrow's powerful roar of a ship engine is expressed as a phase with life and thickness and make up a calm and spare future dreams.
Her artistry in pursuit of refreshing memories for spring, brings out dynamics of life, understanding and friendly mind into artistic space.
Just like Kim Jong-soo, the painter of azalea, she employs a daring poetic and minimalistic technique, capturing a large space and expresses her main themes with simple and yet detailed manner with an Oriental beauty, which she has been pursuing and developing continuously. The painter studied painting at Grand Chaumiere Academie in Paris. She held two solo exhibitions and took part in 30 group exhibitions. Painter Park can be reached at 397-0421 and 016-322-4952. nw

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