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- New service allows users to check their phone bills before delivery

KTF (President Nam Joong-soo) said March 15 it will launch mobile fee detail free service by which any KTF customers will be able to verify their service fee charges by using hot numbers and hot codes when they chose.
All that customers have to do is dial 100 + or push 'n' button and the call will be free of charge. The use of hot codes, a reference to call fees will be immediately available when the hot code attached to the fee detail is pushed. When the use of the sticker-type hot code is expanded, the check on fee details will be made more frequently.
Customers will have access to current month bills and details of phone charges in the past six months. They don't have to wait for the bills to arrive by mail because they can check the phone bills through their mobile phones.
KTF will also launch "user fee alimi service" to inform customers of their phone user fees for the current month on SMS. Customers can apply for the service at KTF member plaza or member centers and KTF member homepage.
The company also came up with "Good Time Party," its own management slogan for customer satisfaction. The mobile telecom operator says the updated "Good Time Party" suggests that it will make customers feel like they are "all stars of a party." To this end, KTF is trying to "guarantee" customer satisfaction by making services. "New", "Fun", and "Personal", the four values the "Good Time Party" promotion is pursuing to provide a unique and distinct service to each client.
The first "New" value means a service that exceeds expectations and is creative. This is composed of a range of entertainment, convergence contents, and solutions. With "Search Music", a representative service, if you hear a tune on the street and want to know the song title and singer, you can use ARS on your phone to identify it. You will then receive this information by voice or text and can then even set the music up as a ring tone or as a Ring-2-U (call connection tone).
"Fun" is the value for a service that users can enjoy anytime and anyplace. This consists of different events, party themes, and more. One of the more conspicuous is the "Goodtime Umbrella Service". On a rainy day, customers can visit KTF customer service centers and receive a Goodtime umbrella as a present with mileage accumulated from call time. The company is planning street events to cheer up customers on rainy days. "Personal", the third value, symbolizes the existing personalized service for each and every customer. This is made up of consultations and information services. For example, for senior citizens or disabled customers, the "Consultation Connection Center" will patch them through to a customer consultation center immediately without any ARS. "Guarantee" the fourth and final value means a service that takes full responsibility for customer satisfaction. This is composed of a general guarantee service, including the one for the handsets; prices plans, and call quality. Take one representative service, "Handset Guarantee Service". When a customer loses a phone or phone is damaged, the service minimizes inconveniences to the customer.
KTF made utmost efforts to strengthen customer-focused "Goodtime" management aimed at satisfying customers, shareholders and employees.
These efforts have earned KTF recognition for winning the "Most Innovative Company in Responding to Customers' Needs" in 2004 for the second consecutive year. KTF has been selected as a top transparent management corporation for the second time in a row by the Korea Corporate Governance Service in recognition for ensuring transparent management through the board of directors including outside directors.
KTF is making a proactive approach to develop "ubiquitous services" as next generation growth engines. In accordance with the Ministry of Information and Communication's "IT839 strategy," KTF opened the Ubiquitous Test Center in its Ilsan research facility aimed at the development of future services on a ubiquitous or U-platform. nw

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