Variety of Telecom Service
KT shows shortcut to success in broadband business

KT, the world-renowned broadband service provider, shows a shortcut to success in broadband business. Equipped with vast know-how and successful experience, KT provides consulting services aimed at minimizing trial and error and human resources cost.
Veteran consultants with expertise. Distribution, control, and administration if service and work order. Inside and outside plant administration. Automatic update of recent switch changes based on service orders. Transfer KT's unique success stories as a broadband service provider in effective and systematic way. Propose customized solutions. Meticulous As-Is analysis of customer conditions. Propose business models and strategy best suited for customer condition and vision. Overseas Consulting projects; TM Net(Malaysia): Marketing, Service Provisioning Shanghai Telecom(China): Network, Contents Business.
Marketing. Promotion: Targeting, Promotion on target market, Brand strategy. Place(Sales Channel): Reseller management, Call center development. Price and Product: Product portfolio by speed and price, Flat rate plan, Discount scheme.
Customer Relationship Management: Customer care program; Compensation program. Customer retention: Churn management.
Network. Access Network: Subscriber line factor analysis. Subscriber line quality improvement method. Network construction method by access technology, Strengthen/Weakness Analysis./ Access technology evolution method.
Factors to be considered in access equipment selection and purchasing method.
Backbone Network: Backbone design criteria and technology. Backbone network evolution strategy. NGN strategy.
Contents. Contents service business model. Market analysis; size, customer preferences, development stage, provider's core competence. Cooperation with ; CP evaluation and selection, revenue-sharing, joint promotion. Profitable service development; Game, VOD, IM, Web Storage, Avatar.
On-line game service. Game market trend analysis. Trend by game contents, business model. Game Portal Service; site management plan, contents incubating, IDC. Game Promotion Strategy.
KT has put forward a new vision of "The Value Networking Company" with an aim to emerge as one of the world's leading companies in the 21st century.
The new vision of KT "The Value Networking Company" embodies a strong commitment to maximizing customer value and pursuing corporate growth by optimizing customized solution offerings.
A new business model that will ensure optimal customized solutions and secure profitability. "Six Sigma" for maximizing required resources for business activities and innovating management process.
"Customer-oriented Management" for understanding customer demands, offering customer satisfaction and providing new values. Through three strategies, KT hopes to become the world-class enterprise that delivers top value to customers, stakeholders and employees.
KT Corp.(KT) was launched on December 10, 1981, under the plan of the Ministry of Information and Communication. Later the ministry converted KT into a public corporation by separating the communication sector to ensure the efficient management of the electric communication business. Thus, benefits for the nation and improvement to the public convenience were effectively promoted.
In its initial stage, KT focused on supplying general-purpose telephone facilities and services, later successfully developing the world's 10th electronic switch TDX-1 for domestic use by 1984. As the decade progressed, the 4.5 million telephone lines in 1982 grew to over 20 million lines, 1993, an event that ushered in an era of informatization for the country. KT since has become the nation's leading telephone service provider with over 20 million subscribers. nw

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