In Commemoration
of World Water Day
Various events including concert and symposium held to celebrate the event

he Ministry of Construction and Transportation celebrated the 13th World Water Day with various events including a ceremony in order to raise public awareness for water.
From March 18, the Korea Water Resources Institute held a symposium at the auditorium of the Federation of Korean Industries building from 2 p.m. with a main theme of "Changes in Ecological System and Water Resources Following Weather Changes." About 200 experts and students attended the event.
Vice Minister Kim Se-ho of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, said World Water Day is observed to remind the world of the need for water has been rising sharply due to the increasing population and industrialization.
Manager Kwon Won-tae of the Korea Meteological Administration spoke on "Scientific Understanding on Weather Changes." Professor Kim Song-dok of Chungnam University spoke on "Ecological Changes following Weather Changes."
Professor Bae Duk-hyo of Sejong University made a speech on "Desirable Control based on Weather Changes." Research Staff of Korea Water Resources Corp. delivered a speech on "Korean Weather Changes and Soft Water Environment management." On March 19, the ministry held "Love Water Concert" to let public know they should appreciate the critical importance of water. The concert started from 6 p.m. Saturday. The colorful event included a cultural performance with water as a theme, a performance of mixing water of the five major rivers in the country, singing by popular singers including Park Jong-hyun and a song contest for public and fireworks.
On March 21, the Central Council of the National Housewives Classroom held a discussion session for citizens to raise public awareness of the importance of water at the Korea Science Technology Hall. About 350 people including teachers and members of the National Housewives Classroom attended the event.
From March 21-23, MOCT, together with Korea Water Resources Corp. staged a display of some 50 photos on water at the Government Complex Annex building in Kwachon. Photos on display included the award-winning ones at various water photo exhibitions. Other variety of events took place to make the World Water Day more meaningful.
Before and after the World Water Day, multipurpose dams and reservoirs of potable water for wider-area cities were opened to public to have them experience how water is managed including production process of tap water.
MOCT, in celebration of setting up the Korea Water Forum Preparatory Committee, held the International Symposium on Water Resources Policies That Can Be Continued.
MOCT set up the Korea Water Forum Preparatory Committee at the Education and Culture Hall in Yangje-dong, Seoul, with the participation of officials from related government ministries and experts on water resources management.
Also, attending the gathering included concerned officials from MOCT, the Ministry of Environment, UNDP representative in Korea, water resources director-general of the state of Colorado in the United States, secretary general of Japanese Water Forum, and deputy director-general of the Foreign Ministry of Mexico, among some 250 experts on water both at home and abroad. They held discussions on water resource policies that can be continued, the international cooperation on water management, and means to cope with the Water Forum to be held in Mexico.
The event also took up such issues as the background for setting up the Korea Water Forum Preparatory Committee, the introduction of the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico, Japanese expectations on the Korea Water Forum, the requests by UNDP on new water resources management, the U.S. integrated water resources management and Korea's water resources policies.
In the meantime, the 4th World Water Forum scheduled to be held in Mexico City in March, next year, under the theme of "Local Actions for Global Challenge" would deal with such subjects as development, environment, hygiene, integrated water resources management, and safety with some 30,000 people from all over the world expected to be at the event.
MOCT and the Korea Water Resources Corp. staged a musical concert entitled, "Spring Love Water Concert" at Han River Ctizens Park in Yeoido, Seoul, at 6 p.m. March 19. nw

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