VOL.10 NO.129 NOV. 2003  


MOCIE: Look Out For Surplus

KSA: Getting Into the Act for Future Products

On Safety of Low Level Radioactive Repository

Public Reform in Participatory Government Makes Smooth Sailing

Public Reform in Participatory Government Makes Smooth Sailing
Reform of Local Railroad Industry Looming
MOCIE: Look Out For Surplus

What Korea Needs to Be Real Hub
KNTO Hosts ICCA Conference 'Progress & Tradition'
COEX: Best Venue for Asia -Pacific Fairs
Get International Product Feast Across

NT, EM Certification Boosts Sales and Exports

Incheon Int'l Airport Upgraded with Visibility Limit Reducing to 100 M

DMS: Where Cutting-edge Digital Technologies Meet
KAMCO Trying to leap into Global Real Estate Management Corp.

Making Up to Even Stronger Brand Name Recognition
IOSCO Highlights First Global Information Sharing Arrangement

KSA: Getting Into the Act for Future Products
Samsung Electronics: Play Anycall By Ear
SEM: Put Indispensable Tool Through Its Paces
UNISON: Top-notch Specialty Goes Into Environment
Definition of Quality Must Include Quality of Communities

In Good Faith for Economic Community
On Safety of Low Level Radioactive Repository
KOSPO in High Gear to Be World's Leading Powerhouse

Korea Strengthening Economic Ties with Peru
MOCIE Declares Trade Week
17th Korea-Southeast U.S. States Joint Conference Held
Germany Expects Expanded Trade Volume with Korea

Samsung Electronics Breaks Ground for 'Crystal Valley' in Asan
Samsung Declares 2nd Chip Leap Era with Flash Memory Boom
LGE president Woo Credited with Spearheading Development of World's Largest PDP TV

SEC to Post 7 Trillion Won in Profits on Turnover of 41 Trillion Won in 2003
LGE Foraying Chinese PDP Market
SSIT Confers Degrees on 57 Graduates
KT''s 50Mbps VDSL Service Heats Up Competition over Local Broadband Services
KTF to Introduce World's First 3-G W-CDMA Mobile Service in June

GM Daewoo Running Smoothly in 2nd Year

POSCO Launches Holding Company 'POSCO China'
INI Steel: Rising to Top Green Global Company

SBC: On Forefront of Innovative Ideas
Hite Brewery Aiming to Raise Hite's Market Share above 60 % Next Year
Working on Ultrafine Microfiber for Best Results
Sanghwang Mushroom: In Prime of Life

Tough Act To Follow For Global KT

Musharraf Satisfied with His State Visit to Korea

Korea's First FEZ Shifts into High Gear with development of Songdo
Korean Contractors Envisage "Second Boom" in Middle East
Iraq to Offer Vast Opportunity to Korean Companies
SE & C : Sending Up a Trial Balloon
KTX Could Usher in Era of Northeast Asian transportation Hub

Korea National Sport Univ. serves as Korea's Sports Birthplace

Opportunity to Get Glimpse into Korean Fine Arts
Touching Up Everlasting Artwork
Artist Kim Soo-nam Expanding Horizon of Fabric Art

KAL Equipped with Flagship of 21st Century
Asiana Becomes KFA Official Sponsor

Shanghai Cuisine Festival
Hyatt Regency Incheon Throws Grand Opening Party
Want Ride on Charity Train to Fairy Land?
Happy Romance in Town

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