VOL.10 NO.111 MAY .2002  

Play Fair and Put on a Brave Face

KFA : Get the Best of the Devil's Own Job

Seoul the Host City of World Metropolis Congress

Restoring National Trust, Inter-Korean Reconciliation

Top priority to be placed on 'Safe World Cup?

Community Spirit, Fair Competition off to a Great Start
World Cup Plaza to Open in 10 Host Cities
World Cup Opening Ceremony: To Run the Good Race
Official Emblem, Mascots, Poster Showing Unique Asian Tradition
Restoring National Trust, Inter-Korean Reconciliation
Play Fair and Put on a Brave Face
Koreans Comfortable with Modern Accouterments
MCT: Luminous Cultural Performances in the Works
KFA : Get the Best of the Devil's Own Job
Korea Determined to Advance to the final 16 of the World Cup
Who & When?
Korean Air Expands Flights to China for World Cup Support
Thorough Preparations Made to Ensure Safety during the World Cup
Final Preparations Concentrated on Cultural Events
Final Touches on Preparations for World Cup Games
Cultural Events to Take Place in Ulsan during the World Cup
KNTO Making a Beeline for Faraway Sightseers
World Cultural and Natural Heritages Foster Authenticity, Invaluable Quality
Duty Free Korea: Shaking Hands with Johnny-On-the-Spot
Incheon International Airport to Spring up in Marketplace
Morning of Koryo : Tripitaka a Force To Be Reckoned With
Make a Great Summer Escape at COEX Inter-Continental Seoul
'War and Peace' Comes to the Nation's Senses
Seoul Arts Center to Present 'Alagna & Gheorghiu Duo Concert'
World Festival for Children: Attention to Make up for Lost Time
Asiana Airlines Shares Mileage Program with Japan's ANA

Seoul the Host City of World Metropolis Congress
Neck-and-neck Race is Underway for Seoul Mayor

Seoul's Urban Laboratory for 21st Century Innovation Rises

Training Camp for South African National Soccer Team Set Up

Korea Post Expands Global Express Service

MOCIE Seeks to Attract Foreign Investment, Boost Exports

Asia IT Ministers' Summit to take place during World Cup
ICA Builds CDMA Belt in Southeast Asia

Advances Towards High Technology but Small Market
KT Places Priority on Profitability
KTF Goes All-out to Stage Marketing Campaign for World Cup Finals
Avaya: Making a Point of Communication without Boundaries
Yahoo! Korea: Global Network Profits To the Nth Degree


'Core Technology a Must to Produce Top Products of the World'
FKI Calls for Elimination of High-Expense, Low-Efficiency Political Structure

Cyber Trade Mart Amplifies Market Niche for Small Businesses

Collegians Grand Journey of the Nation to Begin July 4

Hyundai Motor Builds a Manufacturing Plant in Alabama

Hilton Honors, SKYPASS Join as Travel Partner
Paradise Walker-Hill Casino Offers Soccer Giveaway Party
Sheraton Walker Hill to Present 'Ha Ri Soo Real Temptation'
Oakwood Premier Lives Up To Distinctive Grade

KOBACO Offers One-Stop Total Service in Broadcast Advertising Sales
KAA President Min Cited for Contributions in Advertising Industry

'POSCO' Assumes a Milepost for Air Traffic Routes

Samsung Electronics Steps Up Marketing Efforts for Digital TVs
Samsung Presents Portable Computing CPU Products
LG Electronics Launches Digital XCANVAS TV Sets

ADB Taking Stock of Policy Reform, Institution and Capacity Building
ADB: Poverty Alleviation Work Going By the Book
'Economic recovery is faster-than-expected'
Variety is the Spice of Life
NACF Puts Community Wise to 'Sang Seng'

NTS Encourages Credit Card Use to have Transparent Taxation

3M Korea: Eyes Open for Creature Comforts

Vietnam Steps Up Modernization with Advanced Technologies

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