November 2000

VOL.8 NO.93 NOVEMBER 2000  

 ASEM III Acts on Central Medium for Multilateral Collaboration

ASEM III Acts on Central Medium for Multilateral Collaboration
 APEC Gets Prospect  for Innovative Dynamism in Pacific Rim
 Korea's IMT-2000 Service Phases in New Competition 


ASEM III Acts on Central Medium for Multilateral Collaboration

APEC Gets Prospect  for Innovative Dynamism in Pacific Rim

Gov't to Institute Strong Market Economy after Restructuring Works
Chohung, KEB to Stand on Complementary Measures
IMF Mission Treats Variables of Sustained Growth

The Rising Trend into Uncertainty for Next Year
Urging Capital Shift into a Knowledge Economy
SSC's Merger Plan Seeks Greater Synergy Effects

MOCIE Keeps Reform Process on Track by Dispelling Uncertainties

Korea's IMT-2000 Service Phases in New Competition
The birth of a Knowledge Information Consortium in the IT field
Roll-up or Paper-like Display Just Around the Corner
KTNET Runs Efficient Systems Creating an Asian Electronic Trade Network
C&S Technology Emerges as a Technology Frontrunner in the IMT-2000 Era
Intel Showcases Korean e-Business In the Asian Market
Communication Infrastructure Makes up the Basis of Human Life
NCA Moves Ahead For the Public Knowledge
KT Participates in Underwater Asia-America Network
KT Freetel and KTM.Com Backs up Content Providers for the Wireless Internet
Dacom Provides Wireless Groupware ASP Service
Senex Releases On-line Services for Security and Anti-Virus Solutions
HandySoft Transforms Towards C-Commerce
"The World Best Digital Contents Billing Service"
A Large Number of Clients Make BIT Computer's Presence More Powerful

Congressman Kim  Hong-il  Suggests  Counter-measures for  the Construction Industry

Seoul Hosts 2000 Seoul International Festival
The Quality of Life Issue in Seoul is Left Lagging Behind

PBNC-2000 Focuses on Prime Issues Imposed on Nuclear Industry
KEPCO Wins Power Plant Project in the Philippines
Possible to Bring Natural Gas from Siberia as Early as 2008
KNOC Profiting Resources for Maximum Synergy Effects

POSCO Embarks on FINEX Demo Plant

EXPO 2000
KOREA SUPER EXPO 2000 Enhances the Understanding between Korea & Japan

KHC Dedicates Vast Earthwork to Super Bridge
KHC Completes Seohae Grand Bridge with Surprising Remarks
Seohae Bridge Landscapes Transportation for West and Surrounding Areas
Daelim Leading Expert in Sea Bridge Projects
LG Takes Best Care for Structure,  Safety, Art for  Grand Bridge
HDEC Forecasts Extended Overseas Projects by Self-liquidating Plans 

DEC : Reliable Supervision Contributes to Highly Durable Bridges

J.S. Corp. Presenting Ray Pearl Skin Bags

Samsung Shows off its Digital E-company Image at Comdex Fall 2000
LG Stakes Great Expectations on Digital Display
LG Electronics Exports Handsets to Verizon Wireless
Softnara Prepares to Offer EC total Solution from A to Z

Samsung Develops IMT-2000 Technology on a CDMA Base
LG Expands Pan-global Net. With Japan Telecom
HEI Pulls Itself Together for IMT-2000 Service

Fairchild Shows off its Power Semiconductor Technology

Medical engieering
Siemens Sharpening Clinical Capabilities

'Korea-Japan Venture Business Mart 21' Promotes Cooperation of Venture Firms
DMAG Staging World's Leading Fairs with Flying Colors

KOAMI Builds Infrastructures for High Value-added Machinery Items
ATS at MOCIE hosts Korea New Technology Exhibition
Authentificated products contribute to the improvement of trade balance
"Our Mission is to Impress Customers with the Best Services"
Morningcom Rice Cooker is a Multi Use Cooking Device

Korea's Aviation Industry Becomes the Nation's Pivotal Industry
KAI Shows the First KT-1 Trainer to the Public
Lufthansa Introduces B747-400 Service to Replace the Smaller A340

U.S. Automotive Hall of Fame Gives Honor to Chung Mong-koo

LG Chemical Develops Over-coat Photo-resistor for TFT-LCDs

Dunkin' Donuts, Adjusting Brand Concept to Korea

Knowledge Creates Value and Initiative; Essentials for the 21st century

Ogilvy & Mather Presents Brand Value in the Wired World at the e-Brand Forum

President Ben Ali of Tunisia proposes a New Concept of World Solidarity
A new impetus to enhance and balance the commercial exchange between Korea and Romania
Argentina Could Contribute to Korea's Peace Settlement Phase
Britain: The gateway for Asian investment in Europe
The Euro is a Positive Factor that Promotes Rapid Growth
Biondi Art Furniture Shows Orthodox French Royal Family's Nobility
Czech : Framework for  Cooperation in Private Sector

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