Picking up the Drive for Reconciliation

 Pledging Dynamic Engagement to Upgrade National Prestige
 KT Develops the Core Switching Technology: GSM IMT-200
 Taiwan LCD Customers try to Preoccupy & Enlarge 17"LCD Monitor Rather Than 18.1"CD Monitor


Picking up the Drive for Reconciliation

Pledging Dynamic Engagement to Upgrade National Prestige
APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting held in Seoul
Thawing Cold Confrontation of Artificial Division
MCT Pushes Systematic Investment for Traffic Cultivation
ATS adopts the Universal Safety Standard

Displaying Courage for Profound Structural Change
The Reform Programs must Continue with the Same Determination and Vigor
Both Countries have Excellent Foundations to Build New Things

KHC Cultivates Systematic Traffic System
Hope For Growing Opportunities : KFCIS
HDEC Befriends Development of Construction Schemes
HDEC Applies Total CM to Road Construction
Samsung Introduces the Cyber Village Way
Samsung's Architecture Doles out Repercussion in History
Kukdong Spruces up Performance of Construction Management
Hanmac Eng Steps Forward with  Fair and Competitive Construction Process

KNHC Aims at Maximum Value for Public Benefits
KNOC Oil Storage Base Contributes to Stable Oil Supply
KORES : Supporting Top Resource Information
KOWACO, KHC, KEPCO Applauded for Superior Business Performance
POSCO Lifts Quality Level of Galvanized Sheets
Bayer Korea is fully Committed to the Responsible Care movement
The ISB Guarantees Effective Protection for the Entire Pipe Network

Korea Opens the KII-G Network
KT Develops the Core Switching Technology: GSM IMT-2000
KT  Sets Up IMT-2000  Tech with an  Industry-Academic Cooperative Base
ETRI Contributes to the KII-G(Korea Information Infrastructure-Government)
KT Freetel Associates for Large Wireless Internet "Mega Portal"
SK Telecom to Expand IMT-2000 Service with Powerful Leadership in Mobile Phone Services
LG IMT-2000 Creates Strong Synergy Effects
New Service Provider Adds Benefits to IMT-2000
NT Launches 3rd Generation Wireless Internet Capabilities

Taiwan LCD Customers try to Preoccupy & Enlarge 17"LCD Monitor  Rather Than 18.1"CD Monitor

LG's HD Set-top Box, First Developed for Local Digital Data Broadcasting 
The Internet Market will Surpass $1.5 Trillion by 2004

At SID2000, LG.Philips LCD's Showcase Centered on its Technology & Large Screen Capability
Compaq Korea and Red Hat will Spearhead the Domestic Linux market

ATK will Play  Extremely Important role in ATI's Future

A Reliable, Responsible Partner for Network Security Solutions
Millinet Supplies High-speed 10Mbps HomePNA V2.0 in July
3Com Korea Keeps Large Share in Korea's Switching Hub Market with Double Models of SuperStack II  Switch 3300
"Nowhere is the Power and Promise of Microsoft's Vision more Evident than in Asia"
MONDEX Brings Forward Electronic Currency at COEX Mall
SecureSoft  Upgrades To Total Secure Solutions in IT
We'll Establish a Top Position in the Community and Security Fields
Our Compact Panel Draws the Attention from Consumers
Medison Announces the Rebirth of a Super-life Enterprise
A Large Number of Clients Make BIT Computer's Presence More Powerful
Kortek's Technology Development Power Spearheads the World's Monitor Industry Market
Cominet Provides Optimal Super High Speed Communication

Automotive Technology in Diverse Subjects Reported at the Seoul 2000 FISITA
Working on Making Better and Safer Cars
Kia Debuts its 'Optima', a Medium-size Sedan for the New Millennium

Canada to Bring Expertise, Investments for Partnerships
France to Hear More of Korea's Rapid Recovery
Bygones Are Bygones; Rebuilding Bilateral Creditability and Security
 "Iran : Beyond Year 2000" - Special Invitation to Korean Firms

Air Canada has Shown Constant  Support and Investment  in  the Korean Market  Ever Since  its Inauguration
KAL Takes Part in Organizing the Sky Team, an International Airline Alliance

We Specialize in Helping Companies Acquire Talent

Amiga Takes Shape as Five-star Hotel