Projecting More Space with Classical Partnership

Making Rapid Strides for Productive Workforce: MOFE

Political Parties Take Aim at Regionalism, One Another

Korea's Anti-Corruption Programs Implementation Plan

KOWACO  Chews Over Viable Water Resort

KTMA: Sloping Upward to Towering Brand


Projecting More Space with Classical Partnership
Acquainting Collaborative Efforts with  Renowned Credence
Sharing Cultured Values to Engender  Creative Synergy
A Modest Approach for Galvanizing Ventures
Ireland Raises up Joint  Effort  with  R.O.K.
Bangladesh Takes Measures to Kindle Pragmatic Changes

Political Parties Take Aim at Regionalism, One  Another

Economic Policy
SMBA : Animating Inventive Smart  Sets
Namgung Seok Carries Presidential Mission to  China
Lee Kun-soo, in  Hope  of Vindicating  his Missing Mother 's Love

Korea's Anti-Corruption Programs & Implementation Plan

Rebound Launches First with e - Service, Targeted for Asia
KT links  World's longest Undersea  Optic-fiber Cable
SK Telecom, Total Service Provider  for Mobile Phones
Daou Brings New Millennium Digital Economy Into Our Life
"To maximize Internet User's Convenience, We will Do Our Best"

KOWACO  Chews Over  Viable Water  Resort
KAMCO Moves Forward with Valid Property Management

Backing Up Energy Resource Accruals : KNOC
LG-Caltex, Leading in Total Energy Resources

EIAK: Using Every Nerve to Develop Master Parts
Samsung Launches Brand Logo " Wise View TM "for TFT-LCD Business
Manpower and Technology Serving the World's Best Goods and Services
LG Philips LCD Sets the Standards at CeBIT 2000
Anam Foundry:  Adding more Members to its Customer List

HEI Ready to Hail for Market Leadership
TriGem's Shenyang Plant,  Bridge to the Global PC Market
Compaq Korea Opens a Nonprofit 'Excellence Center' to Assist Venture Firms
HC Exports a Considerable Amount of Bank-Automation-Systems to oversea

Hanmaum to Press for Oneness of Nationality
"The Door to Your Orders"
Our Development Activities Enhance  Cost-Effectiveness for Processes
A-Rated Samsung  Implants More Trust  and Safety
TRUMPF Sets New Innovation Trend
Kumho Petrochemical Running with High-tech Materials in Hands
TUV acts  for  Progress in Safety,  Technique & Environment
KTMA: Sloping Upward to Towering Brand

Software tech
Dell Focuses on Server and  Enterprise Solutions
Microsoft launches Windows 2000
CA hosts CA E-Value Summit Forum

Speedy, High-quality Wafers Raise Competitiveness of Semiconductors
TEK Committed to Highly Reliable and Consistent Equipment

HEC Labors at High-end Knowledge Industry
Taegu World Cup Stadium spearheads  work Process of other Cities

Industry Update
Operation  'Lately NightStorm Media' launched
Seoul Systems Co., Ltd declared full scale market advance as one stop e-Business Infra-Solution Provider

Taegu to Seize Golden Opportunity with Milan Project

Hotel News

Korean Porcelain Calls Smashing Charm in World Market

KAL Flies the Wings of Reform Towards Safety and Stability
Air France Extends Service Horizons with Gallic Features