New Paradigm for Environment Management

Making Rapid Strides for Productive Workforce: MOFE

KEPCO Dedicates an NPP Unit in Ulchin

POSCO: Chasing Greater Value with a Novel Approach

HMC Introduces New Concept Car HCD-V


General Elections: Leading Messages on Fairness and Stability
Making Rapid  Strides for Productive Workforce: MOFE

MOE Creates New Paradigm for  Environment Management

Economic Policy
SMBA Contributes to  Renewed SME Culture
Kim Jae Chul of KITA  Reelected as 24th Chairman
FKI Seminar Solicits Assignments for  Knowledge-based Industry

Korean Chip Makers Upgrade the Semicon Tech Level
With Confidence in Its High Performance, Fairchild Korea Wishes Upon Power Stars
NSC Mixes Analog and Digital Technology in Chip Industry
ULVAC Obtains Credit from  Top-notch Chip Producers

Samsung Electronics Dominates World's TFT-LCD Market
Working on Realizing Ultra High-Speed Information Society
IBM had Very Good Results on a Full-year Basis
The Digital Networking Leader for the 21st Century
Saram & Computer Makes Human-Oriented Machines
Samsung to Play Hardball in the IMT-2000 System & Handset Game
INFODIA Expects Many Orders and Contracts in Europe
Nexen Welcomes 21st century to Rule Internet World
Terra  Springs into IT Calling
KEPCO Lays Foundation for  PowerComm
Townews Offers Detailed Information About Your Town on the Net
Locus Gaining Ground in CTI Technologies

KEPCO Dedicates an NPP Unit in Ulchin
POSCO:  Chasing Greater Value with a Novel Approach

Making Good Time on Overseas Projects:  HANJUNG
SFC Renovates Technology to Enrich Human Life
Samyang Enters High Value-added Business
HC Brings to  Market 'Millennium Collection'

Saudi Pledges for the Stabilization of International  Oil Prices
India's Constructive  Economic Progress
Iran Unites Efforts for Crucial Economic Programs

HMC Introduces  New Concept Car HCD-V
BMW : Remarkable Craft to Dynamic Hearts

Dong-A , KRICT Find Epochal Way to Relieve Hard-to-Cure Pain

Korea Rolls Out  Red Carpet for Foreign Guests

Korea to Grasp Salient Moments of Global Sports
Samsung Builds Seoul Stadium as Crown  Jewels for 2002's World Cup

Lee Jong-sang's Works Feature Deep-Rooted Artistic Base

Hotel News